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Note: The Ghosty Pet item is not tradable due to a bug. It is shown in the bundle image but will not be included.

Items included in this bundle:

America Gun
Amerilaser Gun
Battle Axe 2 Knife
Battle Axe Knife
Batwing Scythe Knife
Bioblade Knife
Blaster Gun
Blood Knife
Blue Seer Knife
Boneblade Knife
Candy Cane Knife
Chill Knife
Clockwork Knife
Cookieblade Knife
Cowboy Gun
Darkbringer Gun
Deathshard Knife
Deathspeaker Pet
Eggblade Knife
Elderwood Gun
Elderwood Scythe Knife
Electro Pet
Eternal 2 Knife
Eternal 3 Knife
Eternal 4 Knife
Eternal Knife
Eternalcane Knife
Fang Knife
Fire Bat Pet
Fire Bear Pet
Fire Bunny Pet
Fire Cat Pet
Fire Dog Pet
Fire Fox Pet
Fire Pig Pet
Flames Knife
Frostbird Pet
Frostbite Knife
Frostsaber Knife
Gemstone Knife
Ghost Knife
Ghostblade Knife
Ghosty Pet
Ginger Luger Gun
Gingerblade Knife
Godly Laser Gun
Golden Gun
Green Luger Gun
Hallow Gun
Hallow Scythe Knife
Hallow's Blade Knife
Hallow's Edge Knife
Handsaw Knife
Heart Balloon Pet
Heartblade Knife
Heat Knife
Ice Dragon Knife
Ice Shard Knife
Icebeam Gun
Iceblaster Gun
Icebreaker Knife
Iceflake Knife
Icewing Scythe Knife
Icey Pet
Jingle Gun
Lightbringer Gun
Logchopper Knife
Luger Gun
Lugercane Gun
Minty Gun
Nebula Knife
Nightblade Knife
Old Glory Knife
Orange Seer Knife
Peppermint Knife
Phaser Gun
Phoenix Pet
Pixel Knife
Plasmabeam Gun
Plasmablade Knife
Prince Knife
Prismatic Knife
Pumpking Knife
Purple Seer Knife
Red Luger Gun
Red Seer Knife
Sammy Pet
Saw Knife
Seer Knife
Shadow Knife
Shark Gun
Skelly Pet
Slasher Knife
Snowflake Knife
Spider Knife
Splitter Knife
Steambird Pet
Sugar Gun
Tides Knife
Traveller Pet
Vampires Edge Knife
Vintage Laser Gun
Virtual Knife
Winter's Edge Knife
Xmas Knife
Yellow Seer Knife

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